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Input prompt
Create brand messaging guidelines for Vitality Fitness, a new gym catering to busy young professionals.
Result from enhanced prompt

Vitality Fitness Brand Messaging Framework

Core Message and Tagline

Vitality Fitness makes healthy living easy and accessible for busy professionals, so you can feel your best and crush your goals.

Tagline: Fit wellness into your life

Target Personas

Persona 1: Driven Debra

  • Female, 32, marketing manager
  • Struggles to find time for fitness with long work hours
  • Wants to feel energized and focused to excel at her career
  • Needs an efficient, effective workout she can do on her schedule

Persona 2: Motivated Mike

  • Male, 28, software engineer
  • Sits at a desk all day and feels sluggish
  • Wants to get in better shape to keep up with his active social life
  • Looking for expert guidance and a supportive fitness community

Brand Voice

Vitality's voice is: - Energetic and empowering - Relatable and down-to-earth - Clear, concise and actionable - Focused on easy tips for busy lifestyles

Vitality's personality: Vitality is an upbeat, encouraging friend who gives you the motivation and practical advice you need to prioritize your wellbeing, even when life gets hectic. We break down healthy living into simple steps that fit into your packed schedule.

Messaging Pillars

Pillar 1: Convenience

  • Located in the heart of downtown, steps from your office
  • Extended hours from 5am-11pm to fit your schedule
  • On-demand virtual classes so you can work out anytime, anywhere

Pillar 2: Expertise

  • All trainers certified with 5+ years of experience
  • Proven methods based on exercise science to maximize results
  • Personalized plans to help you efficiently reach your unique goals

Pillar 3: Community

  • Connect with other members at monthly social events
  • Stay motivated with regular fitness challenges and accountability groups
  • Get inspired by success stories from people just like you

Sample Copy

Website Homepage

Fit Wellness Into Your Life

You're crushing it at work and in life. Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of feeling your best. At Vitality Fitness, we make healthy living easy and accessible, with: - Convenient downtown location and hours - Expert trainers and efficient workouts - A vibrant, supportive fitness community

[Button] Get Started With a Free Week Pass

Facebook Ad

[Visual: Busy professional taking a workout break at their desk] Headline: Too busy to get to the gym? Copy: Get a quick, effective workout right at your desk with Vitality's 10-minute office workout videos. Led by expert trainers and perfect for your packed schedule. [Button] Sign Up For Free Office Workouts

Instagram Post

[Visual: Vitality member social event] Caption: Work hard, play hard, stay fit. 💪 We had a blast connecting with our amazing members at last night's social! At Vitality, we're all about building a community that supports your fitness and your life. #VitalityFitFam #HealthyLivingMadeEasy

Member Email

Subject: 💡 3 Simple Ways To Sneak In Exercise This Week Hey [Name], We know life gets crazy - but your health matters too! Here are 3 easy ways to fit fitness into your packed schedule this week: 1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work 2. Do 10 squats while brushing your teeth in the morning 3. Park a few blocks away and walk to your destination Remember, small steps add up to big results. You've got this! [Button] Book a Quick Workout Now

Voice Guidelines

  • Use "you" and "we" to create a relatable, conversational tone
  • Keep copy concise, focusing on quick tips and key benefits
  • Maintain an upbeat, motivational voice while avoiding cliches
  • Adapt level of energy to the channel (higher on social, more subdued in email)
  • Always tie messaging back to making healthy living easy and accessible
  • Consistently emphasize Vitality's key differentiators of convenience, expertise and community