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Full Marketing Strategy Campaign

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and drives measurable results.

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Input prompt
I need help creating a marketing plan for my new SaaS product. Can you provide some ideas on how to market it to potential customers? I'm targeting product managers at tech companies.
Result from enhanced prompt

Here is a recommended marketing strategy for your B2B SaaS project management tool:

Marketing Strategy for [Company Name]


  • Raise brand awareness among target audience of product and engineering leaders at mid-sized tech companies
  • Drive traffic to website to learn more about product
  • Generate qualified leads and trial signups

Target Audience

  • Buyer Persona: VP/Director/Head of Product & Engineering
    • Tech-savvy leader responsible for delivering projects on-time and on-budget
    • Manages a team of 10-50 people across product management, design, and development
    • Motivated to improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration
    • Evaluates tools based on ease of use, integrations, security, and cost
  • Key Insights
    • Under pressure to ship high-quality software faster
    • Struggles with aligning teams, keeping projects on track, and lack of visibility
    • Open to trying new tools that will save time and make their job easier

Unique Value Proposition

Project management software built for the way modern tech teams work. [Product name] is the simplest way to plan, track and deliver your best work. Streamline projects, boost team productivity, and meet deadlines—all in one intuitive tool.

Marketing Mix

  • Product
    • Emphasize ease of use, flexibility, powerful integrations with dev tools
    • Offer free trial and tiered pricing for different size teams/usage
  • Price
    • Competitive with Asana, Trello, Jira—focus on value delivered
    • Offer discounts for annual contracts and enterprise plans
  • Place
    • Direct to customer via website and in-product
    • List on review sites and app marketplaces where target audience discovers tools
  • Promotion
    • Focus on inbound and content marketing to attract and convert
    • Later expand to targeted outbound, events, partner marketing

Marketing Tactics

  • Inbound Marketing
    • SEO optimize site for high-intent keywords (e.g. project management software, alternatives to [competitor], etc.)
    • Create blog content showcasing product management best practices, team productivity tips, etc.
    • Develop gated whitepapers, eBooks and webinars to capture leads
    • Guest post and get product featured in industry publications
  • Content Marketing
    • Share product updates, customer stories and helpful resources via social media (LinkedIn, Twitter)
    • Create product demo and tutorial videos
    • Build email nurture campaigns to educate prospects and drive trial signups
  • Paid Advertising
    • LinkedIn Ads targeting job titles and skills
    • Google Ads for competitor keywords and review sites
    • Retargeting across social and display
  • Review Sites
    • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on G2Crowd, Capterra, etc.
    • Monitor reviews and engage with reviewers
  • Referral Program
    • Offer incentives for customers to invite colleagues and peers
    • Make it easy to share referral link and track status
  • Partnerships
    • Integrate with complementary tools and cross-promote
    • Sponsor events, podcasts, newsletters in the tech and product space

Budget & Resources

  • Allocate budget in this order: 1) Inbound 2) Paid Ads 3) Content 4) Referrals 5) Partnerships
  • Hire for key roles: Marketing Manager, Content Marketer, Growth Marketer
  • Engage contractors/agencies for SEO, paid ads, design, video
  • Invest in marketing automation and analytics tools

KPIs & Measurement

  • Brand Awareness
    • Share of voice vs. competitors
    • Web traffic and sources
    • Social engagement and followers
  • Lead Generation
    • Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by source
    • Lead conversion rates
    • Cost per lead
  • Revenue
    • Trial signups and conversions
    • New revenue from marketing attributed leads
    • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

90 Day Plan

  • [ ] Build out website messaging and content
  • [ ] Implement SEO and start ranking for target keywords
  • [ ] Develop foundational content assets (blog posts, whitepapers, videos)
  • [ ] Stand up paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn and Google
  • [ ] Integrate with 2-3 key partners and sponsor an event
  • [ ] Create email onboarding and lead nurture flows
  • [ ] Instrument analytics to track funnel metrics and attribution

This marketing strategy focuses on generating demand through inbound marketing, content and targeted advertising to your B2B SaaS buyer persona. By providing helpful education and resources to product and engineering leaders, showcasing customer stories, and making it easy to try the product, you can build awareness, trust and adoption of your project management tool. Ongoing optimization based on conversion metrics will be key to efficiently scaling lead generation and revenue growth.